The main reasons to visit a urologist for dangerous “male diseases”

Regardless of your status, age, and lifestyle, every man can be trapped by “male diseases” at some point in his life. This is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, which in one way or another significantly reduces the quality of life and moreover, negatively affects not only the physical but also the psychological state of men.

If you have suddenly begun to suspect that you are experiencing the symptoms of a certain male disease, then, perhaps, after reading the provided information, there will be an answer to many interesting questions.

What is a urologist and what does he do?

The “powers” of a urologist are, first of all, the reception, examination, and treatment of patients who are disturbed by reproductive system disorders and urinary tract diseases. Such a doctors may be people who have received a medical degree or have completed their medical education and passed a master’s degree (internship) in the field of urology.

It should be noted that such a doctor examines not only men, but also female representatives. Many mistakenly believe that all women’s diseases are treated and observed by a gynecologist. But the urinary system (ureter, kidneys, urea) is precisely the “areas” of expertise for the urologist.

But for men, everything is arranged in this plan in a different way. Your reproductive system and the urinary system interact closely. And the urologist “fights” with all the nuances of both systems. However, here the division of competences is still small. For problems associated with the reproductive sphere, an andrologist is responsible.

The main reasons of dangerous “male diseases” for visiting a urologist.

The result of visiting such a doctor is invariably the establishment of a reliable diagnosis and the conduct of proper effective treatment. In the end, the result of going to such a doctor certainly makes you feel much better or generally healthier.

Supportive survey methods

If the healer is really professional, he will never make a diagnosis “by eye,” even if everything seems obvious to him. As a rule, the blood (usually clinical analysis from the finger) and urine are examined.

If the doctor deems necessary, some manipulations are made using special tools. Thus, they receive the secretions from your body to analyze further. In addition, there are also hardware procedures, such as urography, ureteroscopy, etc.

What is the reason for a visit to the urologist?

First of all, even if nothing is disturbing you, it is necessary to visit such a doctor. After all, there are certain insidious diseases, which at first are hiding and do not make themselves felt. And the sooner you identify them, the higher the probability of getting rid of them with minimal losses.

A urological physician can absolutely unmistakably identify the most unpleasant prostatitis, infertility, causes of a decrease in potency, cystitis, the beginning of pyelonephritis, and other misadventures.

The most disturbing symptoms require an immediate visit to the doctor.

Any of these anxiety symptoms is a disturbing echo of an insidious illness that requires specialist intervention.

1. A significant reduction in the time of sexual intercourse

Of course, every man in this matter is individual, and therefore knows his own norm. But if you began to notice a stable decrease in the duration of sexual contact, you should not postpone a visit to the doctor. Most likely, some physical and some psychological nuances can appear.

2. Problems with urination

If during the withdrawal of urine there were unpleasant sensations such as blood, pain, frequent desires (sometimes false), immediately go to the doctor! This unpleasant symptom may manifest a number of sores associated with urea and kidneys.

3. Unpleasant pain in the intimate area

The inflammatory process and prostatitis can manifest. It might not be felt, but some discomfort many men do not pay attention to and absolutely in vain because this pain is trying to relay a message to the male body. The omission of such problems is fraught with inevitable problems down the road.

4. Pain in the back area

Any form of pain (pulling, cramping, “kicking” pain), especially in the lower back, can clearly point to kidney diseases accompanied by inflammation. It is extremely dangerous to engage in self-medication, and it is also not safe to go to questionable medical institutions.

If you find something like that, do not waste precious time; contact an experienced specialist as soon as possible. It is not a secret that many diseases can be overcome more successfully at the very beginning of their manifestations and with minimal losses. Men’s health should never be neglected, and it will certainly reciprocate with the proper attitude in the form of a healthy state and unshakable self-confidence and self-reliance.