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When I had a recent surgery on my heart, I decided that I need to take some time off. After my treatment was totally over then I decided to take some more weeks off. My wife was not happy with me at all, mainly due to the fact that an erection in the bedroom was not happening at all. I decided that it would be a marvelous idea to get some kind of a sexual booster. I looked into the options and after that, I decided on Sildenafil. As soon as I took Sildenafil, my erection was very strong and stable. I was happy with the fact that it was so easy for me to have sex and finish properly. Thank you so much for getting my self-esteem back!

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I had very severe depression for over four years. My girlfriend had dumped me just as soon as she learned that I was not able to get an erection and have sex at all. I did not satisfy her at all and she said that she needed another boyfriend. I was crushed because I did go to the doctor and he told me that ED is not my fault at all. My girlfriend did not believe me when I told her that ED is a common problem among men who have a lot of anger issues and are very stressed. Since then, I have found a new girl and when I took Sildenafil my erection was so great that I was able to satisfy her 100%. Much obliged to you for this remarkable opportunity!

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When I realized that getting an erection and finishing properly was becoming very difficult for me, I went to the doctor and told him all of my symptoms. He said that I have to check my blood sugar level and my body for diabetes. It turned out that my heart is not that damaged; therefore, I was able to figure out that I need a drug to improve my sex drive. Sildenafil actually helped me get an erection and that is why I managed to have a great night of remarkable sex. This is all thanks to Sildenafil!

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Sooner or later all men experience it, but unfortunately, I was unlucky enough that these problems occurred in my body at the young age of 50. ED was such a shameful issue in my life which is why I decided that it would be great to get Sildenafil and finally have sex properly. So as you can guess, it truly worked. And I am so grateful. You have told me that I am not supposed to eat food or mix Sildenafil with any other drugs such as liver pills and anti-depressants. As soon as I finished my whole treatment, I was able to start taking Sildenafil. Since then, my erections were stable and very strong. That is why I am incredibly happy about it.

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When I had ED I thought that it was caused by my recent injury. I usually play football and I had been kicked in my penis very hard. That is why I went to the hospital. There they told me that an erection may not happen for a while. Much time passed, but an erection was not happening at all for me. As you can guess, I finally bought Sildenafil and it seemingly sent all of the blood in my body to my penis. I was able to maintain the erection for quite some time. I was so happy to please my wife this day.