Non-Evident Factors that Increase the Risk of Sexual Problems in Men

Most men (and even women) are aware of the main factors that have negative impacts on men’s sexual functions. If you open any website dedicated to men’s health issues, you’ll find a lot of articles about the causes of impotence, infertility, and erectile dysfunction. The main thing that specialists say about physical inactivity (sedentary mode of life), extra body weight, non-favorable ecology, imbalanced nutrition, taking some meds along with some others is that all of these obvious factors can be extremely harmful to men’s health. However, there are some non-apparent factors, which can seem harmless at first sight, but which increase the risk of disorders in the male sexual sphere.

1. Lack of Regularity in Sexual Life

Many men don’t take it too seriously, but it is a crucial factor of the proper functioning of the entire reproductive system. Like any other system, our sexual system needs training and exercise, if you will. When it is not used, the organism “thinks” that it doesn’t need it anymore. As a result of long periods of sexual abstinence, the production of testosterone decreases, muscles responsible for erections get weaker, and circulation in the pelvis area becomes less intense. The best approach for maintaining sexual health is regular sexual activity at a comfortable pace for you.

2. Heavy Physical Labor

A lack of physical work is bad for men’s health. Men, who don’t work physically, have weaker muscles and heart and they are more prone to all types of disorders. It turns out that excessive physical labor is not good either. Lifting of weighty objects can lead to extrusion or deformation of some inner organs and vertebral deformity. Repeated pressure on the prostatic gland increases the risk of prostatitis development. The latter is very often associated with erectile dysfunction. Men who have to do a lot of heavy physical work are more likely to face a failure in bed one day.

3. Driving a Vehicle

One of the problems of our generation is that we walk very little. Instead, we drive cars when we need to or not. Meanwhile, driving combines several negative factors that influence men’s sexual system. Firstly, a sedentary position prevents the normal circulation of blood in the sensitive pelvis area. Secondly, this activity puts pressure on the prostatic gland again with the expected results. Thirdly, the pounding of vehicles makes the effects even worse, acting like micro-blows on the inguinal region, penis, and testicles. This is especially true for tractor-drivers, truck drivers, long-haul drivers and all men who spend much time behind the wheel. Also, this problem is typical for professional horse riders.

4. Psychological Problems and Their Treatment

Non-Evident Factors that Increase the Risk of Sexual Problems in Men.It is not a secret that severe stress or long-term depression can destroy sexual life even in otherwise healthy men. When people survive real desperation, grief, or fear, they simply can’t turn their minds to sex, and this is quite normal. However, there are less evident causes of sexual problems. This is, for example, chronic fatigue or tiredness, burning out, lack of sleep and lack of satisfaction with life. All of these conditions reduce libido and sensitivity, and negatively influence potency and sexual desire. By the way, taking anti-depressants often has a side effect in the form of the libido decreasing as well.
There are also some other risk factors of erectile dysfunction besides infertility, reduced libido and other men’s sexual problems.

In particular, if you want to stay healthy, reduce or completely refuse the following things:

  • Drinking beer. This beverage, which many men like so much, raises the level of the female hormone estrogen in the blood and reduces testosterone.
  • Using heated seats. The overheating of testicles can cause the destroying of sperm cells
  • Wearing tight underwear. It, again, causes the heating of testicles and the deterioration of sperm cells’ quality.

Keep in mind that any disorder is easier to be prevented than treated. Care for your health now, and enjoy an active sexual life until your old and grey.