Why does Sildenafil work and how does it work in general?
Usually, Sildenafil directs your blood flow to your genitals and that is why the erection occurs in your body. When you are mixing this kind of drug with other drugs, especially those that are used for treating depression and other diseases, then you may experience some kinds of side-effects. We want you to remember that Sildenafil usually lasts for longer than a day, especially when you are willing to have sex in a couple of hours after you have taken Sildenafil. Some men have reported that this particular drug works better in the 3-4 hours immediately following ingesting the drug, but as you can probably guess, everyone has a different experience with the drug. Therefore we recommend that you pay attention to whether or not it worked on you very quickly.

How soon Sildenafil will work?
Among 90% of men, it takes about an hour or two for Sildenafil to kick in. If you are eating a lot of fatty foods before you ingest Sildenafil, then you can expect it to work in about 3-4 hours. Please never drink any kind of alcoholic beverages if you are going to take this sexual booster drug. You will definitely have chest pains and other inconveniences if you are not entirely careful with the consumption of these particular drugs.

Can I split one 100g pill of Sildenafil if I only require 50 mg? Actually, I am going to take the other half in 2 days. Is it possible to do so or not?
To be honest, we do not advise you do that because all of the ingredients in Sildenafil pills are not equally distributed at all. As you will be able to observe, your erection will not be strong and stable, and there is a high chance that you will have ended up ingesting less Sildenafil into your body. As a result, your erection will not happen correctly or you will see it disappear in a couple of minutes.

I want to take Sildenafil, but I am going to drink a lot of wine this evening. Is it possible to take Sildenafil and drink alcohol?
No, you simply cannot mix Sildenafil with alcohol. There is going to be an awful interaction of these two products in your body. So you will be able to observe in your body that your erection is either not happening or you become sleepy, dizzy, or at the very least, you will feel very bad over all. Remember that this way is not a healthy way to take a sexual booster drug such as Sildenafil. You have to make sure that you are taking drugs very carefully. Try avoiding smoking for a couple of hours before and after taking this particular drug, too.

My friend said that Sildenafil has caused him chest pains. Is it true that I may experience chest pains after I take Sildenafil?
Chest pains can only happen if you have a certain kind of heart condition or if you have had strokes recently. In these cases, you are totally advised to stay away from taking Sildenafil. Remember that it will be dreadful for you to take this booster drug when you are not completely healthy, to begin with. Remember that only your personal doctor can tell you for sure whether or not your body will process Sildenafil normally. It is not a great idea to take these pills when you are undergoing some kind of treatment for liver, kidney, and even stomach problems.
By the way, when you are having a certain kind of treatment that involves taking other drugs, this particular kind of drug will interfere badly with your body. Do not ever think that you can manage to outsmart your own body and do not try to take more than one pill in two days. This is considered an overdose; it may cause you to lose consciousness and experience other dreadful side-effects.